Be the positive, lasting change for a child in need


Monthly giving gives you the power to help children in so many ways!

Thank you so much for your compassion and love for children. You are about to create positive change that really lasts!

Monthly giving is simply the most effective way to help entire communities lift themselves up. It helps every dollar go even further to help children and their families. It’s also ideal for delivering consistent, enduring solutions.

And we’ll keep in touch with updates about the blessings you are sharing as we work together to provide communities in need with …

  • Nutritious Food – You’ll help children stay nourished and healthy, and their families to improve their diets and understand the role of proper nutrition when it comes to kids’ development and growth.
  • Clean Water – You’ll help to provide reliable sources of safe water to quench thirst and keep kids safe from waterborne diseases. You’ll also prevent long, sometimes dangerous, journeys to fetch water.
  • Health and Safety – You'll help keep kids safe from illness, violence, exploitation and other dangers, and help strengthen communities so that they can better protect their children.
  • Education – You’ll help children get the education they need to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams.

Your gift of $25, $35 or even $50 a month will provide critical assistance when and where it’s most needed. Your loving support makes so many life-changing blessings possible.

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