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Information from 2022 financials

ChildFund International Charity Reviews and Ratings

Reviews of ChildFund International recognize us for stewardship and financial accountability. We are recognized for our legitimacy with high charity ratings from Charity Navigator, the Charities Review Council, the American Institute of Philanthropy and the Better Business Bureau.

Most importantly, these positive charity reviews affirm our legitimacy. ChildFund is a good charity because our work and our funding are designed to be sustainable. The combination of sponsorship and other types of funding allows us to remain in communities long term, guiding and supporting them as they transform themselves into places where children’s best interests are central.

As one of the oldest child sponsorship organizations in the world, having served children since 1938, we are able to draw on our longstanding credibility to open more doors for children. In 2022, we helped 21.1 million people in 23 countries to improve their access to health care, nutrition, education, livelihoods and protection, strengthening local organizations to continue supporting such services in their communities even after we are gone.

We strive to be transparent, trustworthy and above reproach in every aspect of our finances. ChildFund’s legitimacy is recognized by top charity reviewers:

awrd_charitywatch.png awrd_interaction.png charity-navigator.png accredited-charity-seal.png awrd_charitysummary.pngcandid-seal-platinum-2023.png

Bottom line? Because of your support ...

Infants are healthier.
Children are educated.
Youth are skilled.
Young adults are shaping their own worlds in positive ways.

To understand more about what makes ChildFund a good charity, study our Annual Reports and Financial Statements. To learn more about our organization and its ratings and reviews, email us at


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