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Here for children since 1938.
Why? Because we need each other.

Every child needs someone who’s on their side – someone who cares about what happens to them and works to ensure their highest good. ChildFund is a global community of people who care about children and take action to help them live at their fullest potential at every stage of their lives.

We are people who believe that we all have a lot more in common than we think. That every child – like every person – is of equal worth and value, indispensable. And that each of us has a part to do.

We are people who know that we can’t afford to lose a single child to hunger, violence, disease or neglect. And that when children grow up healthy, educated and safe, everyone wins.

We are parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, social workers, advocates and grown-up kids of all ages and life paths, all around the world, who believe every child should be free to do what they do best: play, learn, grow, explore and experience the wonder of life.

That’s why we partner to support children facing challenges no child should have to. Why we connect people, institutions and resources to help children in 23 countries beat the toughest obstacles in their lives. Because they need us, and we need them. Because we need each other, every single one of us.


Who We Are

Child-focused. We exist for children – and their voices and experiences guide everything we do. Each year, we reach millions of children and family members contending with poverty though programs that support them to create the conditions children need to thrive.

Community-centered. As a community development organization, we work hand in hand with local partner organizations to diminish the impact of poverty on children. Because local people know their own neighborhoods best. Families know their own dynamics best. And children know what it’s like to be themselves better than anyone.

People-first. We believe that people are people, no matter their circumstances or experiences, and that their value is intrinsic and immeasurable. We strive to honor the dignity of every child in our programs and every human being we meet, no matter what.

Our Vision

A world where every child realizes their rights and achieves their potential.

Our Mission

HELP deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to improve their lives and the opportunity to become young adults, parents and leaders who bring lasting and positive change in their communities.

PROMOTE societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting and advancing the worth and rights of children.

ENRICH supporters’ lives through their support of our cause.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

ChildFund creates a culture where diversity of people, thought and experience is celebrated, and everyone is seen and welcomed equally.

ChildFund is cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where:

  • Everyone connected with us is free and safe to be who they are, so that we all succeed and thrive.
  • Our donors and external partners aspire to experience a deep sense of pride and belonging in our shared commitment to excellence and social responsibility.
  • Our global programs increasingly center diversity and inclusion in our daily work.  
  • The people of the communities where we work experience concrete evidence of our commitment to these principles in our practices as we work together.   

Because we need each other.

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